Realizing my Goals

when I was 5 years old I wanted to be a doctor, at age 11 decided to be a teacher, at age 15 wanted to be an entrepreneur, at age 18 an accountant and at 20 I wanted to be in the media production field. Now considering my future job I’m thinking about being in video editing. 90% of my time I spend watching some sort of video whether it is a TV show or a movie, this will be an adventure from seeing what kind of work happens that I spend most of my time in.

To find a job in editing Prof. Smith recommended me to watch the end credits and look at their path of work, find their assistants and see what projects they are doing and try to reach out to them.

Thinking about what am I going to do after college kind of scares me. It makes me think that what if I’m not creative enough, what if no one hires me, what am I going to do when I do have a job, it makes me doubt myself. Now for me, I have to keep confidence in me, keep making connections, and keep the focus on my ultimate goal.

Thank you for reading.


Internship Research

I have heard so much positive and negative about internships that now I’m actually scared. I tend to procrastinate more than I should so I always end up missing deadline but for my internship, I promised myself I wouldn’t procrastinate and I have already looked into some after tried to apply for them but in the end, was stopped for a “portfolio” which I don’t have yet. here is a link the company is called hydrant and the position is as a video production and animation intern if anyone has a portfolio already and can apply for the position.
Also, I have found the PSC Work-Study internship they have positions in motion graphics and I’m planning to apply for it right after midterm.


Big Goal Project

For my future project, I have decided to make an animation for my niece. A little background about Raisa, 7 years old, currently she is being homeschooled right now. She loves to draw and doodle and she loves to share them with me, she is a very talented little girl.

The idea to create her drawing into animation came up to me recently while I was learning to create musicals shapes, squish, and stretch projects.
The steps that I’m taking to create this project is to get high-quality assets by teaching her how to take photos on her iPad and teach her about light composition. After collecting my Assets my next step is to edit them on photoshop and create moveable parts.

Hopefully, my idea of my Big Goal follows through and I can successfully finish my project by the end of CT 401 class. I’m very glad that I have thought about the project beforehand. Now I don’t have to waste time thinking about what my final project would be. Plus I have got her very excited about having her own drawn animated video.

Thank you all for reading.


So Close To My Goal

Hey all, I’m Umme. This is my 5th year in York and if all goes well one more semester then I’ll have the biggest achievement of my life. When I was in high school I had no idea how and what college was supposed to be like. I had no one for a guide, I just figured it on my own. Luckily we have the CT Portfolio class to show us the blueprint of how can we go on utilizing the education we got from our college experience. For some, they are already on the path of their next Achievement, some have no clue, some want to go to a different path, and for some like me are thinking what their next achievement will be.

In today’s class, we discussed the best and worst class in our college experience. For my partner, her best-experienced class was Digital Storytelling( CT 101) where she enjoyed the encouragement and visual presentation of the class’s understanding; Cinematography( CT 355) she enjoyed working with the cool props, equipment knowledge for how to work at an actual studio. Her worst classes were English 126, where she experienced no communication and bad hygiene from the professor; Music 110, where the professor was very stricken and her expectation of expanding her music knowledge was not successful.

York College has given the knowledge that I have never thought I would get and the lesson was how to be an adult and from every class, I have learned to be a better adulting. For this class, I hope to learn more about my future goals and how to achieve them.